this is a picture of my dog, Annie

Pornstar Treats

I respectfully nicknamed my dog Chichu, short for Cicciolina, the ’80s Italian pornstar-turned-parliamentarian who was notorious for – among other things – flashing her boobs during media interviews.

My dog’s real name is Annie, at least that’s the name she was given by the people who rescued her. She was brought to Massachusetts by a fantastic, all volunteer-run organization called The Great Dog Rescue. Annie was found in an abandoned house in Mississippi, nursing a litter of puppies and some kittens. Yes, nursing kittens. When I heard that story, I thought, this must be a very special dog.

Annie was emaciated, and she was not real pretty. Her nickname occurred to me when I met her and saw her teats, engorged with milk, stretched down to the ground. I kept thinking, man, you look bad. Those things are everywhere, swinging this way and that for everyone to see.

“You are worse than La Cicciolina,” I told her. Continue reading